• 24 Hour Translation provides professional human translation,

    localization and testing in over 60 languages.

  • Fast, proofread, high-quality translations for your projects

Reliable & Effective

We take care of the linguistic aspects of your translation projects. We specialize in the areas of IT, medical devices, automotive, engineering and business translations. The following are our three biggest strengths:

Knowing the other side

We are aware of the challenges that project managers, engineers and vendor managers at larger agencies are facing. We are used to dealing with multiple deadlines, new tools and processes and adhering to style guides. We have a tried and tested process to ensure the highest possible quality.

Handling deadlines and quality

We have an online production plan so that everybody at 24 Hour Translation can see what projects need to be delivered when. This allows us to quickly determine whether we can deliver projects to the requested deadline.

Focusing on what we do well and can control well

We have full control over what we deliver. If you have a question, you can phone us and speak to us directly. You can also visit us at our office, of course.